13 February 2020: Our books are currently CLOSED due to unexpected clinical staff shortage. We will re-open as soon as we are back at full team strength. 

Here is our enrolment form – click on the icon – you may print, complete, sign, and scan it. If you’re not using a proper scanner or scanning cellphone app, you may take a photo which needs to be upright, cropped, clear and not grey. Please return it via email (via our contact form below), or fax (09-5256887). Alternatively you may post (Ellerslie Medical Centre, 41 Robert Street, Ellerslie, 1051) the completed and signed form to us or drop it off in person during working hours.

Please make sure you are eligible for subsidised care, you can read more about understanding fees and enrolment

The form includes important medical details, consent for transfer of old GP notes, and our debt policy. Please also include a copy of your passport, birth certificate and any relevant visas so we are able to access Ministry of Health funding for you.

We realise this is inconvenient for you, but please understand that we are required by Ministry of Health to follow this for every enrolment. Without proof of eligibility we cannot apply for the subsidised rates and we are not able to prescribe funded medication or order funded laboratory investigations.

Our practice belongs to the Procare PHO (primary health organisation).

We currently are transitioning from a purely walk-in service to a mixed walk-in queue and appointment system. For walk-ins the wait is usually around 20-30 minutes to see the doctor on duty for this service (may be longer during the winter flu season), and it may not be possible to see your preferred doctor on a walk-in basis at your preferred time. We recommend that you make an appointment if you want to be sure to see your preferred doctor and avoid waiting. If you don’t mind which of our doctors you see, and a possible wait, there will always be a doctor on duty (not necessarily a female doctor) offering a walk-in service. If you want to know on a specific day what the waiting time is like for our walk-in service, and who is on duty, please feel free to call and ask our reception team for an estimate of your waiting time.

You are able to book 15 minute appointments (one patient only per 15 minutes) on-line through our patient portal or by calling us. Appointments will take priority over walk-ins, but if you are late, you will join the walk-in queue. If you wish to book a double appointment (at a double fee), or two appointments for two family members, please phone our reception team to arrange this. We also offer appointments for minor surgery for skin lesions, Zoledronate and Iron Infusions, and 6 week baby checks and immunisations with our nurses.

The transition to a flexible appointment/walk-in model may be a little unsettling so we ask for your patience while we work on delivering a better service. We promise to have at least one doctor on for walk-ins at all times so you will still be able to see one of the doctors without an appointment.
To register to use the portal, please speak to our reception team.

I agree that this message does not require a doctor's input, and is for reception staff only.

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Eligibility Criteria for Subsidised Care


A person is fully eligible and entitled to enrol if he / she is residing in New Zealand and:


  • a) Is a New Zealand citizen OR
  • b) Holds a resident visa or a permanent resident visa (or a residence permit if issued before December 2010)




  • c) Is an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident AND able to show that his/her total stay in New Zealand is or will be at least 2 years OR
  • d) Has a work visa/permit and is able to show that he/she is able to be in New Zealand for at least 2 years (previous permits included) OR
  • e) Is an interim visa holder who was eligible immediately before their interim visa started OR
  • f) Is a refugee or protected person OR is in the process of applying for, or appealing refugee or protection status, OR is a victim or suspected victim of people trafficking OR
  • g) Is under 18 years and in the care and control of a parent/legal guardian/adopting parent who meets one criterion in clauses a–f above OR
  • h) Is 18 or 19 years old and can demonstrate that, on 15 April 2011, he/she was the dependent child of an eligible work visa/permit holder (visa must still be valid) OR
  • i) Is a NZ Aid Programme student studying in New Zealand and receiving Official Development Assistance funding (or their partner or child under 18 years old) OR
  • j) Is participating in the Ministry of Education Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship scheme OR
  • k) Is a Commonwealth Scholarship holder studying in New Zealand and receiving funding from a New Zealand university under the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Fund.