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Free Walking Group

Walking group starting September 2017.
Please come along and enjoy a 30 min walk using different routes around Ellerslie.
The aim is to combine fun and fitness.

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Chicken Pox Vaccines

The chicken pox vaccine will be free for all children turning 15 months on or after the 1st of July. It will also be free for those turning 11 years if they haven’t had chicken pox or been immunised against it before.

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Flu Vaccines

The 2017 flu vaccine is now available.

The vaccine is FREE for those over the age of 65, pregnant mums and/or those with certain chronic illnesses (including asthma if on a daily preventative).

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HPV Vaccines

FREE HPV Vaccines (Gardasil) are now available for women AND men under 27 years old.
This helps protect you against cervical cancer, genital cancer and genital warts!

Come and see our friendly nurses.

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Dr Bevan Roy has been away on extended leave since  20 January 2017 and will not be available for the rest of the year…

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