Flu Vaccines 2021

Our enrolled patients that are 65 years or older are eligible for a flu vaccine from 14th April 2021. Please phone 09-5796147 for an appointment.  Ministry of Health has advised that those under 65 will be eligible for a flu vaccine from 17th May, this is delayed due to international vaccine shortage and the need to prioritise those over 65 years who are at higher risk. We recommend those living in South Auckland delay their flu vaccines 2 weeks after their Covid vaccine immunisations are complete.

Additional Info about the COVID vaccines (update 1 May)

You can read more about the COVID vaccine roll out here. The COVID vaccination helpline is 0800 28 29 26. We know the following so far about the roll out:

  1. Several “Super vaccine centres”  have been set up around Auckland which will include pop-up sites, maraes, churches, etc.
  2. They are not allowing medium sized practices like ours to give the COVID vaccine at this stage.
  3. If you live in South Auckland, this is a top priority area due to the airport and vulnerable communities. If this is you then they are aiming to get you the COVID vaccine before the flu vaccine. Everyone else will likely be getting the flu vaccine before the COVID vaccine. There is a minimum two week gap between the two vaccines.
  4. The process has started of inviting those living in South Auckland who are 65 and over, or are Maori and Pacific people older than 55 years. These invitations will be sent by email or text. If you need help to book your appointment please call 0800 282926.
  5. We are unable to book you in for a Covid vaccine or arrange for you to have one earlier than the DHB schedules you. If you wish to discuss the vaccine please call the government Helpline on 0800 611 116. which is free for you to use.


  1. April-May: Tier 2B health workforce and South Auckland. The DHBs will be sending out invitations to you, or you may be able to access community sites such as maraes, churches in your local area in South Auckland. Health workers can call 0800 28 29 26 if their employer has not yet submitted their names to the DHB.
  2. May onwards: Tier 3 people aged 65+ and people with chronic medical conditions. DHBs will be sending out invitations according to General Practice databases of enrolled patients.
  3. July onwards: Tier 4 is the wider community. The DHBs will send out invitations to you, again according to General Practice databases of enrolled patients. Please be patient, it will take months to immunise the whole country.

Safety of the Vaccine :Most of the team at Ellerslie have been fully immunised against Covid-19 with the Pfizer vaccine, the rest of us are booked in shortly – we are confident in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.