Consultation Fees 1 August 2018

Age Enroled Casuals and non residents
Medical / ACC Medical ACC
0-5 Free 41 16
6-12 Free 66 16
13-17 41 66 51
18+ 51 86 61
  • PAYMENT EXPECTED AT TIME OF SERVICE OR ON-LINE to Ellerslie Medical Centre 12-3060-0245732-00. Account fees of $5 are charged at month end on unpaid invoices, and overdue accounts may be sent to a debt collection agency (debt collection fee applies).
  • **$5 discount for Valid Community Services Card, High Use Health Card or Student Card holders (not shown in table)**. Applies to medical and ACC consultations. Only one discount per consultation applies.
  • See Understanding Fees and Enrolment for further information. Please note that ACC funding for accidents seen at the GP is separate from DHB funding (which is for non-accident consultations), and does not cover the full consultation charge at the GP. A&M’s have a different funding stream to GP practices.
  • Note: Fee is for a standard 15 minute consultation. 30 minute extended consultations are available at a double charge. There have been some recent changes to our fee structure, read more here. 

Additional Services

Repeat Prescription by phone or portal
  • $25 (includes pick up/fax/mail if required). No extra charge if within a consultation. Repeat prescriptions within a consultation carry the full consultation charge. Payment is due by end of calendar month either on-line or in person.
Nurse Consultation
  • $20-30 depending on time and consumables and may include dressings blood pressure checks, dietary advice, ear syringe etc. Please note expensive dressings may incur an extra charge
Blood tests
  • Free at Labtests
  • $20 if done by one of our nurses. Available only for emergencies or those with significant mobility issues.
B12 and Depo Provera injections
  • $20. B12 only available if confirmed B12 deficiency. $5 discount if same day as doctor's consultation
  • Click for B12 and Depo Provera information
Cervical Smear
  • Smear only: consultation + $6 for consumables
  • Smear plus consultation for other health matters with a doctor: consultation + $25
  • Smear with a nurse: $35 (9am to 4pm only, not available on Mondays or following a public holiday)
Ear Syringe
  • $20 with our nurses. To clear out ear wax causing hearing or other problems. Please use waxsol, other wax softening drops, or warm olive oil at night for three days prior to syringing. A doctor's consultation is necessary for the first visit only to exclude serious ear disease.
  • Ear wax build-up information
  • $45 (DHB funding may be available for emergencies. Please ask your doctor if you qualify.)
Follow up ACC dressings
  • Generally, followup dressings (subsequent to the initial consultation) for wounds/burns are funded by ACC and are at no extra charge to the patient, however if extra time or consumables are needed, there will be an extra charge.
  • Enroled: Free for those immunisations in the routine schedule. Certain vaccines are funded for those with particular medical conditions. Please discuss your requirements with one of our nurses. Non funded vaccine prices click here.
Intravenous iron infusion (Ferinject)
  • Subsidised: $160 per infusion (maximum 1,000mg per week/infusion, most people can get away with one, some need two). Subsidy criteria here. Patient information sheet here. Plus standard consultation fee pre-infusion(s).
  • Non-subsidised: $330 for 500mg, $500 for 1,000mg. (100mg vials available for $58 each extra if an intermediate dose is appropriate.) Maximum of 1,000mg safely given per week. Common requirements are 500-2,000mg. Plus standard consultation fee pre-infusion(s).
  • dose calculation
Liquid nitrogen
  • Doctor: $10 plus consultation charge
  • Nurse: $10 plus nurse consultation charge
Medical reports
  • Driver’s License only: consultation fee
  • Driver’s Licence plus consultation for another matter: consultation plus $20-30 depending on complexity
  • Medical insurance forms, other medical reports, referrals: $20+ depending on complexity
Minor surgery
  • $300-$450 depending on complexity. Includes follow up dressings and suture removal. $100 for additional lesion at the same time.
Punch Biopsy
  • $100 - $200 depending on consumables (in addition to consultation fee)
Steroid Injection
  • $40 (in addition to consultation fee) with Jyoti or Catherine (please be aware not all of us are trained to do this). This is for cortisone/triamcinolone/kenacort (all the same thing)
Unpaid accounts
  • $5 per month. Please be aware that we use a debt collection service for unpaid accounts. Payment expected at time of service, or on-line Ellerslie Medical Centre 12-3060-0245732-00
Zoledronate infusion
  • $150 (plus consultation fee pre-infusion for assessment, blood tests, consent, script etc)

Understanding Fees and Enrolment

When you enrol at a general practice the government provides partial subsidies if you are eligible. The Ministry of Health requires us to hold proof of eligibility and to hold an enrolment form for everyone. In order for the subsidies to continue you need to be seen at least once every three years or otherwise sign a new enrolment form. You also become ineligible for the subsidies if you spend more than 183 days in a 12 month period outside of New Zealand and you must advise us of this. The casual fees in orange for those people that are ineligible for whatever reason.

The Ministry of Health subsidies are only calculated every three months – middle of February, May, August and November and allocated to the patients 6 weeks later. This means that if for example you enrolled on 25 August, you would not start receiving subsidies until 1 January. In this initial (up to 4 1/2 month) period the fees are those shown in green (enroled and not yet funded column). To be clear, once the funding has started coming in you get ongoing subsidies unless you transfer practices or become ineligible.

If you are enroled with us, go to a different practice on the weekend or when away on holiday and enrol with them in order to take advantage of their lower fee for enroled patients, you will lose your funding with us until you enrol in person with us again and the new funding quarter comes around.

In addition, if you do not see us for three years, the Ministry takes you off our funding list and you will need to enrol again.

Each General Practice receives different levels of funding from the government. The level of subsidy the government gives is based on the area that the practice is in and how well off financially the patients in the practice are as a whole. This is the main reason why the enroled fees can vary so much. This is completely out of our control and we do agree that the current funding model is not ideal. We believe that the funding should follow the individual patient but the Ministry’s policies are otherwise. The government also approves co-payment fees that are charged by all practices, and sets the level of what these should be. Our fees are DHB approved at all times.

ACC consultations are not covered by this government funding, but instead are only partially subsidised by ACC. Again, each practice gets a different level of funding from ACC depending on the setup of the practice. For example Accident & Medical clinics get substantially more funding for ACC consults because they have advanced services such as X-rays, plaster casts, splints, and other advanced equipment on site. There is always a surcharge at GP practices for an ACC consultation with a doctor, which is unfortunately not claimable back from ACC by the patient.

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