Appointments and accessing care from 10th January 2022

We have opened up all appointments from 10th January 2022 to be face-to-face by default.
If you would prefer a phone appointment please let us know.

General practices are different to other services because this is where sick people come for help. Ministry of Health requires us to keep everyone safe and reduce the chance of spreading Covid-19. This means the following:

1. Waiting for appointment: When you arrive for your appointment, please phone to let us know you are here and wait in your car until your doctor or nurse comes out to fetch you safely.

2. Mask wearing for patients and staff: Please wear a mask when entering our building and encourage your small children to wear a mask. Doctors and nurses will be wearing masks at all times and possibly other PPE.

3. Keeping coughing patients separate: We have expanded our consulting rooms by adding two extra areas for examination. This is so that we can separate coughing/runny nose etc patients safely from those who are not showing possible symptoms of Covid-19.

If we get a large number of Omicron Covid-19 community cases, Ministry of Health will require us to switch back to phone consultation as a default. This is likely to happen suddenly. We know it is very confusing to have so many sudden changes, it is hard for everyone. We will continue to deliver the best possible care to you, as we have done throughout this pandemic.