Trial of Appointments

After a review of our walk-in model, we found that it does not suit all our patients due to unpredictable waits at busy times. To improve your access to the doctor of your choice, we will be offering appointments with each doctor during the day and this trial will start in second week of January 2018. You will be able to book 15 minute appointment on-line through our patient portal or by calling us. Appointments will take priority over walk-ins, but if you are late, you will join the walk-in queue. If you wish to book a double appointment (at a double fee), or two appointments for two family members, please phone our reception team to arrange this. We will also offer appointments for minor surgery for skin lesions, Zoledronate and Iron Infusions, and are considering appointments for 6 week baby checks and immunisations.

The transition to a flexible appointment/walk-in model may be a little unsettling so we ask for your patience while we work on delivering a better service. We may offer more appointments during the year if this is popular, but we promise to have at least one doctor on for walk-ins at all times so you will still be able to see one of the doctors without an appointment.
To register to use the portal, please speak to our reception team.

Trial of Extended Hours

Some patients have found it difficult to get to us by 5.30pm, especially working families with children who have suddenly become unwell during the afternoon. To help with this, from January 2018 we will now be open until 6pm on Monday and Friday afternoons. Please note that there will be no nurse on duty after 5.30pm, just a receptionist and one doctor – usually Dr Andrea Steinberg on a Monday and Dr Jyotika Raj on a Friday. Our limited resource consent makes us unable to offer later consulting hours than this. We will do this initially as a 3 month trial but as it may be popular, we ask for your understanding if we are very busy.