We have had very robust infection control procedures from the start of the Pandemic, before the official lockdown, so that our patients and ourselves are not exposed to any infection while accessing care. We will continue these procedures as long as there is Covid-19 in New Zealand.

We are delighted to report that there have been no positive cases among our 5400 patients.

We feel we have succeeded in our aim to keep you safe while providing our usual excellent level of service to you.

What will be the same about level 2 when you access care?

We will continue to offer online video consults and phone consults, if this suits you and is appropriate. You can now book in-person, video and phone appointments all on our patient portal.

Appointments with our nurses can only be made via phone on 09-5796147. Nurse appointments cannot be booked via the portal. This includes injections, dressings and other nurse services.

A nurse will phone you to book routine childhood immunisations, if they don’t speak to you, they will leave a message advising you to call reception to book an appointment.

Our doors will be closed and entry will be facilitated by a doctor or nurse. When you arrive please let us know by phone or through the reception window. Your nurse or doctor will come to your car to fetch you safely.

Your doctor or nurse will wear PPE protection if appropriate, so please don’t be alarmed.

Payment can be made safely using Paywave, or you can pay us online or via our website.

What will be different about level 2 for you?

You will be able to book in-person face-to-face appointments with your doctor. You can book on the patient portal or by phoning reception 09-5796147. This can be for any issue that is concerning you.

We will resume regular 3 monthly in-person checks for those people with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease etc.

To keep you safe by limiting your exposure, consultations are strictly limited in time so you are in the building for less than 15 minutes at one visit.

Dr Jeremy Steinberg

Dr Jeremy Steinberg has joined our team. Besides being a Specialist GP as are the rest of our team, Jeremy is also training in Musculoskeletal Medicine. So if you have concerns about your bones, muscles, or joints causing pain, stiffness, immobility or loss of function in your limbs or spine, book an appointment with Jeremy. He consults on Thursdays.

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