We are delighted to announce that Rachel Henley will be joining our team from December. 

Rachel tells us more about herself: “I am originally from Scotland, but did much of my schooling, and all my university training in Auckland. I find being a GP exciting and rewarding. My particular areas of interest are children’s health and mental health. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband and two young daughters, reading, cooking and attempting to grow things.”

With our increased staffing of doctors and nurses we will cover more of the working day and will be able offer appointments later in the day from December. For more details about our new rosters, please see our website https://www.ellersliemedical.co.nz/roster/

Our other good news is that we will be offering subsidised consultations to Community Service Card (CSC) holders from 1 December.

The fee for a doctor’s consultation for a current CSC holder will be $18.50 for ages 18 and above and $12.50 for ages 14 to 17.

You will need a current CSC to access this service. The $18.50 fee applies to medical consultations with the doctor only and there will be extra fees for additional services such as medical reports, WINZ benefit forms, driver’s license medicals, nurse services etc.  For a full list of our fees please see our website https://www.ellersliemedical.co.nz/fees/

All patients 13 years and younger will be free from 1 December (increased to include 13-year olds).

The Ministry has not yet informed us what the subsidy for CSC holders for ACC consultations will be. We will know more later in the month.

Please call Ministry Social Development (also known as WINZ) on 0800 599 009 to find out if you qualify for a CSC.

Christmas Hours

We will close for the break at 6pm on Friday 21st December and reopen on Thursday 3rd January. Please make sure you have enough medications to last over the break. As a last resort, if you run out of your regular medication and are a regular patient of ours at the pharmacies in Ellerslie, Meadowbank, Harris Road and Lunn Ave, speak to the pharmacist about a supply to tide you over until we open again.