What will level 1 mean for you when you access care?

We will continue to offer online video consults, phone consults and face-to-face appointments with your doctor. You can book all three kinds of appointments all on our patient portal, or by calling us on 09-5796147.

Elimination here in NZ does not mean we are guaranteed to be 100% free of Covid-19 going forward as our borders remain a small risk. Dr Ashley Bloomfield advises us to expect possible cases of Covid-19 to pop up over time, and we follow his advice. We are not able to offer a walk-in service safely, so this is still suspended. We still need to keep you safe when entering the building, so entry will be facilitated by a doctor or nurse. We don’t want to expose you to anyone who might be coughing or unwell with an respiratory illness so we are not using the waiting room for you to wait for your appointment. When you arrive please let us know by phone or through the reception window. Your nurse or doctor will come to your car to fetch you safely.

Your doctor or nurse will still wear PPE protection if appropriate, so please don’t be alarmed. We need to remain vigilant to keep everyone safe.

Dr Jeremy Steinberg

Dr Jeremy Steinberg has recently joined our team. Besides being a Specialist GP as are the rest of our team, Jeremy is also training in Musculoskeletal Medicine. So if you have concerns about your bones, muscles, or joints causing pain, stiffness, immobility or loss of function in your limbs or spine, book an appointment with Jeremy. He consults on Thursdays.